Various Benefits of Helical Piers

Helical piers are truly popular. It is a cost saving approach to different varieties like industrial, residential as well as for commercial building foundations and for earth support projects. These are in fact usually first choices of contractors, architects and also structural engineers because of the savings that can be obtained from it and the advantages that it has for installation and for the environment. Below are some of the benefits of using helical piers Utah.

Installation is Easy

The installation process of helical piers can actually be accomplished through the use of a hydraulic torque motor that’s mounted to the portable torque installation equipment. Also, the installation process is fast, compared to the installation of concrete structures. Within just hours, more than a dozen helical piers can be installed with just small site impacts. Here is what you need to know about the helical piers.

Loading is Immediate

When the installation of pile progress, high torques are needed in order to screw piers to the denser earth. The high torques means high load bearing capacity and great axial load capacity for the pier. After it has been set at its proper depth, the pier’s load capacity will then be immediately available. Concrete foundations will require an extensive excavation as well as cure time.

Versatility is Functional

Due to its ability in providing strength to more than one direction, helical piers are best for projects where concrete support structures are found impractical. In most cases, such piers are installed vertically. However, an angular or horizontal installation can be made as well.

It makes it really useful for the earth retention projects or perhaps for the lateral support of walls and foundations. There’s also little clearance requirement, which makes it an ideal solution if the site’s clearances are less.

Cost Saving Benefit

In case of foundation retrofit which needs exposing footings, there’s actually no excavation needed for installing helical piers. This means that there will be no hauling of spoils. Due to its adaptability on various types of projects, you also would find that it cuts down the pre-construction planning and prep activities. All of such factors when taken together in fact means helical piles are economical solutions for the ground support and for retention.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s actually clear that compared with the concrete foundations, installing helical piers helps to eliminate site damages and the cleanup costs. Also, fuel costs that’s associated with concrete are reduced as well. Pier installation also produces minimal vibration, which in fact is important for sensitive areas or if you are going to work close to buildings that are occupied.

Helical piers also could be removed even years after it has been installed and can be reused for other projects. Here is an alternative post for more info on the topic:

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